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Why acne occurs in cold weather?

Are you worried about acne? Do you want to prevent acne in winter? Do you think why you get acne in the winter season? Then you come to the right place because now I am going to tell you why you get acne on your skin in winter or cold season and how can you prevent acne on your skin.

There are some significant reasons for acne, let’s take a look at a few of them in detail:


The deficiency of water is called dehydration. The scarcity of water in the body is one of the primary causes of acne on your skin. Water is an essential thing to live a healthy life. Water plays a vital role in our health. With the deficiency of water, your skin can become dull and vulnerable. You can get acne on your face with the lack of water. If you want to prevent acne, drink plenty of water, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. By drinking enough fresh water, you will find freshness and shine on your face with no acne.


Pollution is another primary reason for acne on your face. There are many types of pollution which can cause acne such as water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, light pollution, and so on. Pollution can damage your skin by causing irritation, rashes, skin cancer, itching, and much more. Wear mask on your face and wash your face daily to prevent acne.

Stress and Depression

Stress or depression is a widespread reason for acne on your skin. Stress can cause due to many reasons such as the death of your relatives or friends, loss of your job, the pressure of your work, shifting to a new home, divorce, expenses, getting married, and much more.

Stress can leads to harmful acne on your skin and can destroy your health. With anxiety, you cannot do your work carefully. Keep yourself fresh and healthy, and stay away from stress to prevent acne on your skin.

Poor Health

Poor health can leads to many body disorders and acne on your skin. Keep yourself healthy by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking clean water. Go to walk and take exercise for good health. You can save yourself from acne by keeping yourself healthy.

Uses of products.

Uses of a lot of products can cause acne on your skin because many products contain oil and other types of ingredients that can damage your skin. Sharing your make up products can cause blemishes. A lot of use of makeup, skincare products, shared makeup brushes, and applicators can damage your skin. Sleeping with makeup on your skin causes acne. 


Hormonal imbalance can cause acne on your skin. There are many symptoms of imbalanced hormones like painful and irregular periods, indigestion, brittle bones, constipation, night sweats, difficulty sleeping and increased thirst, fatigue, body temperature, headaches,

depression, puffy face, and so on. Due to the imbalance activity of hormones in your body, acne occurs on your skin. You should use natural ingredients for the treatment of imbalanced hormones.

At last, I will suggest you keep yourself away from these factors if you want an acne-free fresh and shiny skin.

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