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Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of heart diseases

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Heart diseases are also known as coronary heart disease (CHD). You often hear that someone dies due to heart failure. The ratio of heart diseases are not only increasing in older people, but it’s also causing death in adults throughout the world.

Keep on reading to learn more about the symptoms and causes of heart diseases. First have a look at some symptoms of heart disease, if you found any of them pay attention to them and immediately report it to the doctor.

Symptoms of heart failure:


Fatigue usually caused due to severe illness and due to medicines. But if you are filling constant fatigue, then it can be the sign of heart failure or coronary artery disease.

Unexplained pains or aches

Blockage in the blood vessels which supply to the heart can also cause coronary artery disease. It can cause severe heart pain or aches.

Though if you have heart problems, pain doesn’t need always to be felt in the chest area. Sometimes it can also be in arms, shoulders, jaw, back or abdomen.

If you feel pain in these areas after doing exercise, and it disappears with the bed rest, then it could be the sign of heart problems.

Breath shortness

Not every breath shortness is the sign of heart disease. But if you feel some unexplained breath shortness which occurs due to the small amount of activity you perform could be the sign of heart problems.

Swollen ankles or feet

If you feel indentation due to the ankle, leg or foot swelling that it can be the sign of heart disease. Swollen ankles or feet can also be due to liver failure, kidney disease, or due to eating a lot of salty food.

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations mean the heartbeat, which feels rapid or irregular. Most of the heart palpitations are not dangerous. It can cause due to anxiety, dehydration or caffeine intake.

Heart palpitations can also cause a heart problem. You should keep notice how often you are feeling palpitation, you are feeling it. Further, you should even notice what activities you were doing at the time of heart palpitation. At what time you feel it most?

For example, if you are on the resting state like laying on the bed and your heartbeat suddenly starts beating rapidly or irregularly, check it your doctor immediately.

Causes of heart disease:

Here are some causes of heart disease. It includes:




Diet on junk foods


Family history



high blood pressure

sitting in the same position for the long-time period

due to preeclampsia

The bottom line

Heart disease is very harmful, but it can be prevented in many situations. You can do the following things to keep you protected from heart disease.

By maintaining a healthy weight

By keeping a healthy diet

Stop smoking

Drink in a moderate amount

Minimize life stress

Doing regular exercise

Checking the doctor regularly

Taking supplements advised by your doctors

But through a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent yourself from a heart attack, heart stroke and all kinds of heart disease.

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